Access flyover in the ferry terminal in Świnoujście

Project scope

Infrastructure adaptation of the ferry terminal in Świnoujście to handle intermodal transport


Ferry terminal in Świnoujście, Poland


Municipal Port Authority in Szczecin and Świnoujście, JSC

Design scope

Conceptual, basic and detailed design


35 + 50,1 + 41 + 40 + 28 = 194,1 m


9,4 m


Antea Polska S.A., WLC Inżynierowie



Project description

The designed flyover will enable road traffic between the existing manoeuvring yard at the ferry stand no. 5 and the planned external parking lot at Danish Street. The deck is curved both in plan and in profile with radius of 245 m and 800 m respectively with the latter limited by straight 9% sloped sections at both ends.

The five span beam superstructure consists of two composite variable depth steel girders spaced at 5m. The girders at the piers were designed as a double composite, which significantly reduced the weight of the steel structure and enabled efficient assembly with mobile cranes over the railway tracks.

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