Wiadukt Broadmeadow, Malahide, Ireland

Project scope


Malahide, Dublin, Ireland


Irish Rail

Design scope

Load capacity assessment and recommendations for further operation.


2 x 12,90 m + 8 x 15,85 m + 2 x 12,9 m

(length 178,40 m)


9,00 m


Irish Rail


Bridge in operation

Project description

The project included a deterministic load-bearing capacity assessment and the recommendations for the further operation of the structure. In 2009, the structure suffered a failure due to ground scour under one of the bridge supports, which led to the destruction of that support and two adjacent freely supported spans. As a consequence of this failure, detailed studies and analyses, including load-bearing capacity assessments, material tests, physical and numerical modeling, were carried out to determine the safety of the structure. The completed project included a structured and critical analysis of the materials and studies collected as a result of these activities, and the recommendations based on them for the operation of the facility, necessary maintenance and repair activities.