Road viaduct over railway line in Dąbrowa Niemodlińska

Project scope

Modernization of national road nr 46 in Dąbrowa, demolishing of the existing and construction of a new viaduct over railway line nr 132 in 95+294 km.


Dąbrowa Niemodlińska near Opole, Poland


GDDKiA in Opole (General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways)

Design scope

Conceptual, basic and detailed design


41,6 m


13,9 m


Drosystem, WLC Inżynierowie



Project description

Steel tied arch viaduct has been designed with the span of 41,6 m and skew of 42o. Due to undisturbed road traffic and railway line operation requirements and future double carriageway express road planning the viaduct has been located next to the existing one. Significant increase of railway line clearance has been also specified. BIM technology significantly facilitated the geometric alignment of the new viaduct with the existing road and enabled a detailed analysis of the construction stage, allowing for uninterrupted road and rail traffic.

Superstructure consists of two variable hight steel box girders connected by transverse composite crossbeams. The structure is supported on pot bearings located on RC abutments. All steel elements on the underside of the viaduct have been designed of weathering steel in order to minimize the maintenance of the structure in the immediate vicinity of the railway line.

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